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The Coder Network is a distributed ecosystem of vetted technology experts and solution providers serving a diverse client community through the Coder Platform.

Global Ecosystem Advantages

Leverage collective network cohesion

All members of the Coder network share a common interest and are motivated to ensure the long term success of the network and projects built on the Coder platform.

Coder's Streamlined Onboarding

Platform License

Receive discounts on services purchased through the Network

Coder Platform Realtime Analytics

Performance Meritocracy

Time tracked work at actual at actual skill level needed for project success

Coder Platform Growth Resources

Shared Resources

Access the collective resources of the Coder Network

Smart Contracts

Distributed Talent

Access industry experts and skills not readily available.

Coder Component Library

Secure Payments

Ensure proper payment for deliverables

Integration of the Coder Network

Coder was engineered for organizations in need of an efficient and transparent means of securing technology services from a trusted network of providers.

Coder Partner Program

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  • Universities
  • Venture Capital
  • Incubator + Accelerator
  • Blockchain dApps + Protocols
  • Industry Leaders + Subject Matter Experts
Coder ambassador program

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Network Roles

Benefits for all network participants

Join a distributed community of passionate technologists committed to supporting the advancement of the Coder Network, adoption of the Coder Platform, and use of the CDR Token.

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Developers + Designers + Marketers + Strategists

Take Control of Your Career

Whether you’re a developer, designer, marketer, or strategist, Coder provides you with the resources and tools you need to take on new projects through the Coder Platform. No more scope creep, no more delayed payments, no more poor client communication. Join the Coder Network to get recognized for your contributions and increase your billable rates as you take on more complex projects.

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Product Managers

Run Projects More Efficiently

Onboard new clients and build your project team from the Coder Network. Manage the product development lifecycle with intuitive product management tools and leverage smart contracts to streamline billing, payments, time tracking, and deliverables management.

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CoderTeam Platform benefits signup

Manage Distributed Resources and Increase Your Capacity

Connect your business as a network node and plug into the collective. Expand your product offerings instantly so your team can capture more opportunities and not lose projects because of resource constraints or capacity concerns. Enhance your team with experts with domain expertise beyond your core offerings.

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Business Owner

Engineered for your needs

Whether you have a new venture that's trying to get off the ground or an existing thriving business in need of technology innovation, Coder adapts to any project scale or scope.

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