Coder was designed for enterprise

Innovate your way
 to higher returns

With refined optimization tools and the right team, your enterprise can focus on continuously innovating.

Enterprise Benefits Overview

Think like a startup to expand marketshare

Coder Innovation Platform

DNA of Innovation

An innovative platform specifically to help enterprise enhance their ability to innovate.

Multi-Solution Platform

Multi-Solution Platform

Teams to handle any type of task from development to branding.

Customizable platform

Fully Adaptable

The platform was designed with industry best practices in mind.

Coder Activity Tracking
Reporting Tools

Multiple key stakeholder access

Give the right permissions to the right stakeholders to better manage your project. Keep key players and stakeholder informed about a project’s progress in real time.

Coder chat recommendation engine
Integrated Feedback Loop

Innovate, Innovate, and Innovate again

Drive your projects forward by continually learning and adapting from a feedback loop that weaves itself into the core of each of the Coder solutions.

Coder Sprint Task
Solution Optimization

Turn backlogged tech needs into completed deliverables

Not looking to innovate in the short term? How about getting some of your backlogged items off the to-do list.

Coder White Label
White Label

Internally managed expansion teams

Customize white-label opportunities to use the platform with internal team and project leads while at the same time, gaining access to the talent network required to move ideas forward.

Coder Platform Activity Timeline
Collaborative Platform

A global ecosystem for your global initiatives

With members of the Coder network spanning the entire the globe, your enterprise can not only leverage that for new perspectives but also ensure development around the clock.

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